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What to consider before you renovate

Of course there are many things to consider when starting to plan a renovation, but there are a few key factors.

1. Determine your needs vs wants. Communicate them to the contractor and this will help with determining a realistic budget and will help keep you on track and get the best bang for your buck.

2. Live through the reno or move out. Depending on the scale and type of renovation you need to determine whether to stay or go during the renovation. Factor in the cost of short term rental, moving fee or storage fees.

3. Drawings & Design. Many projects may require the services of an Architect or Engineer. Drawings can be used to obtain building permits or other municipal approvals. Most importantly they provide a basis for the contractor to provide a realistic and accurate estimate for your project.

4. Expectations. Be realistic about the time and the cost to complete a project. Include 15-20% contingency for changes and unexpected conditions.

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